Part Number: GE-ME3501CPC


Mitsubishi Electric Remote Substitute Model for:



- Original Receipt Invoice will be issue with the parcel.

- 30 Days Warranty with receipt. (1 for 1 exchangeable only at our Main Head Office)

- Non-Refundable for Cash.

- Normal AAA Batteries x 2pcs per remote control.

- Able to use it right away after putting in new batteries.

(Does not need to program)



*Please Take Note*

If you are not too sure if they are suitable for your remote or not sure if your remote control is faulty or your aircon, best to visit our shop with your remote control for us to check before purchasing.


Or you can enquiries with us via WhatsApp +65 98833011 or Call us at +65 67445837.


Thank you.

(High Quality - Mitsubishi Electric Air-Con Remote Control for 033CP)