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We provide the services to Duplicate, Clone or Copy of your existing Door Access Card for Office door card, Parking entry card, Apartment card, Condo card Lifts card and others.

We are now able to duplicate for RFID Cards with Low Frequency, High Frequency and Ultra-High Frequency. 

In the current market there is many type of access card that we cant just base on the physical look it self but is the chip inside that determine if the card can be duplicated.

You can visit our shop with a working door access card and let our staff access your card for a quotation and confirm if the card can be duplicate on the spot. 

Usually it will take about 10-20 min to access or duplicate a brand new high-quality door access card or key-fobs and work just like the original.

- The quality of access card/tag is determined by the chip. 
- Available in thin card, clam-shell card and key-fob tags.
- We use only high quality product for performance and more lasting.
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Convert  your Card into Cartoon Design ~
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